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What welcomes you as soon as you enter the precincts of Hotel Blue Sea is its imposing 75-year-old building. Enter the drawing room which also serves as the reception area. Here you can meet the hotel’s Managing Director, Mr Sabu, a down-to-earth, gentleman who is ever willing to serve his guests.

Beautiful paintings and wooden handcrafts decorate the walls; amazing artifacts, potteries, and furniture that are decades old adorn the surroundings. Sufficient greenery is brought into the house to give the occupants a cooling effect. The central courtyard (called nalukettu in local parlance) that opens up to the sky is a curious structure of the building. Here there is virtually a small garden of potted plants, so well maintained. When it rains, you get a rare chance to watch the downpour from indoors, by hanging around the nalukettu.
Hotel Blue Sea
On the ground floor, there are six double rooms and one group room where three to four people can occupy.

First floor has the largest room located centrally with a splendid balcony. Apart from this, there are three other double rooms. The penthouse with roof terrace on the second floor is yet another fantastic place to live.

In the garden behind the main building, there are two 3-storeyed circular shaped buildings, modeled on the lines of the Laurie Baker architecture (Baker was a British-born Indian architect). The red-brick walls, round pillars, teakwood flooring, bamboo shelves and peculiar shape give the rooms an ethnic feel. Built in 1994, the apartments also have all the trappings of modernity like fridge, TV, AC, shower and bathtub.

The best advantage is each floor contains only a double room surrounded by a long veranda. Once you occupy a room on a floor it’s all yours… your privacy is intact!