Location - Hotel Blue Sea


There is an old Chinese Proverb that those who do good deeds are rewarded by giving them rebirth in India. India had been held in high esteem, as the cradle of culture, religion and everything that elevated man from the mundane. This peninsular sub-continent of Asia has more geophysical and bio-environmental diversity than, perhaps, the whole of the rest of the world combined. The average life-span of a human being is not enough to cover all the must-see places in India.


Kerala has the most literate, religiously and culturally most diverse and most friendly people in India. Stunning viewpoints, refreshing mountains, manicured plantations, gushing streams, placid backwaters, splendid beaches, perennial salubrious climate, variegated geo-physical features and infinitely bio-diverse environments make Kerala a unique piece of paradise on earth.


Kovalam is one of the finest beaches in India attracting thousands of visitors from inside the country and abroad, throughout the year. A high rock promontory jutting into the sand and forming a bay of calm waters, clean white sandy shores and the red-and-white chequered lighthouse are notable features of the Ligh House Beach, at the south end of the crescent-shaped Kovalam Beach, where the Sagara Beach Resort is situated.

Hotel Blue Sea

Hotel Blue Sea is located at Kovalam on the way from the Kovalam Junction to Kovalam beach. It is at a walking distance from the Kovalam junction and Kovalam Beach. The building, which houses the Ayurvedic centre, stands on an ideal landscape with lush green surroundings.