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Hotel Blue Sea pampers you with its comforts... soothes you with its tranquility... amazes you with its legacy! Read More
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Hotel Blue Sea
Kovalam is an international tourist hotspot that holds a prime place in any globetrotter’s itinerary. Tucked away in its charming though rustic landscape is Hotel Blue Sea that assures you a perfect homestay. Kovalam (in the Kerala district of India) that shot to world fame post 1970 has three inviting beaches - Light House beach, Hawah beach and Samudra beach. All are separated by sculpture like granite rock outcrops, many parts of which remain bathed in the foamy waves of the Arabian sea.

Now, just a stone’s throw away from the magnificent Hawah beach, also called the Eve’s beach, stands tall the majestic Hotel Blue Sea.

"It is with great joy we say that our hotel’s name figures in the travel guidebook, 'Rough Guides to South India'.... Yeah, Hotel Blue Sea has ever been travellers' fave." - Mr Sabu, the Managing Director, Hotel Blue Sea, Kovalam. Read More
What people say...
Now, let us see what travel writer Mark Ottaway once wrote about Hotel Blue Sea, which has appeared in the London-based newspaper, 'The Sunday Times'.

"My own favourite is the mildly eccentric Hotel Blue Sea, once a family home... about five minutes back from the beach. Their rooftop room, where I lived like a rajah, is the best place in which I have stayed for years, and confirms my long-held article of faith that for real service it's either the super deluxes or the simple family owned places which do you best. The garden rooms and room 11 aren't at all bad either..."

Mark Ottaway

(Mark Ottaway travelled as a guest of Air India in late nineties and was formerly chief travel writer for 'The Sunday Times'.)

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